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Making the Case for Pantyhose

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When I think back on it I have been enamored with pantyhose all of my life.  I have to say that these leg coverings have always been, and continue to be, my favorite feminine accessory.  My love affair with pantyhose started when I was ten years old.  I covertly borrowed a pair from my mom's lingerie drawer and that first pair just happened to be a pair of L'eggs Sheer Energy.  They were notable in that they came in a white plastic egg, packaging that would become iconic.  When I tried them on, I was hooked, and now, so many years later, I'm still wearing them.

Over the years I have worn so many different brands of pantyhose I have actually lost count.  I've tried inexpensive hosiery and top-of-the-line brands.  Ultimately, I always found myself coming back to Sheer Energy.  I just thought they were better than even the expensive brands.

Quite simply, this brand of pantyhose has never disappointed.  They provide the perfect amount of support.  They are sheer enough to show off your real legs yet they provide enough cover to hide most minor flaws.  In fact, they are the ideal makeup for my legs and I wouldn't think of wearing a skirt or a dress without wearing Sheer Energy.  I think the best thing about them though is how silky and smooth they feel.

L'eggs were first introduced in 1969 by Hanes Corporation and their debut featured the now familiar egg-shaped container.  L'eggs were billed as the low-cost alternative to the corporation's higher end hosiery.  Eventually, Hanes discontinued the use of the egg, a corporate decision to reduce plastic waste.  I was saddened when the egg went away but it was hard to argue with Hanes Corporation's environmental concerns. 

For me, Sheer Energy pantyhose are my go-to feminine fashion accessory.  I rely on them to keep my legs looking beautiful and to add a more polished appearance.



I have a degree in pasty, so if my legs are out, there's always pantyhose on them.  ;D

Hugs, Devlyn


--- Quote from: Devlyn on November 26, 2018, 07:08:22 am ---I have a degree in pasty, so if my legs are out, there's always pantyhose on them.  ;D

Hugs, Devlyn

--- End quote ---

OMG Devlyn I'm cracking up; this just struck my funny bone.  At first I read "pastry" and I'm thinking, "what does pastry have to do with pantyhose??"  Then I read it correctly.  Pasty! 

I also wear pantyhose daily.  A leg doesn't look finished without hosiery.

BTW, last week I saw an attractive young woman wearing "Hot Pants", which were popular back when I was in high school.  She was wearing them with grey opaque pantyhose or tights.  Very nice look!

Anjanette Miranda:
I thought she said the same thing as in pastry chef.
I love the feeling of pantyhose is just nice.
Also in the winter time it makes my legs stay warmer I think it's like a little bit of insulation against the cold.



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