Author Topic: Thanks to all who supported this site in November  (Read 152 times)

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Thanks to all who supported this site in November
« on: December 01, 2018, 12:58:08 am »
Three people tied for Our Monthly Donor MVP for November!: Devlyn, VanessaB18, and Stevi.

I want to personally give a big thank you to everyone who supported the site during the month!

Other donors:

amsj42, Annie Van Ost, awilliams1701, belinda, BleedingRaindrops, BlueStar, CaptFido87, Coffeedrew, Dani, Deanna B, deanna7506, dee82, Denise, DianaDays, Dietlind, Donica, dusty97, Emma1017, Georgette, gracefulhat, HappyMoni (X2), Jennifer.L, Josefa, JulieAllana, KathyLauren, Katie Again, Katie76, Katiepie, Kendra Akin, LoriLorenz, Maddie, Marcia, Meghan, MichelleStar, Nina_NYC, Rachel, SaraDanielle, SarahM777, suchatallgirl, Tailers lover, tgirlamg, Toni213, Truetodrew, Veronica A (X2), wholeself94, and 2 anonymous donors

We had a very scary shortfall this month, we are now a total of $989.84 cents below the annual donation goal for the year. :( In November we received a total of $1016.69 in donations. This unfortunately left us short of paying the monthly bills by $989.84. The cumulative shortfalls have now eaten up the the little bit we had put aside in the emergency buffer.

Thank you to everyone who stepped up to the plate and helped us provide support to our community! For everyone else we need you, anything you donate helps tremendously! Even $1.00 for a month. We have 33,807 users if each of you donated just $1 we wouldn't have any financial issues, and could pay the bills for a year in just one month, the remaining funds would go towards improving the site, compensating staff, and developing unique content. That would cost you a grand total of $12.00.

If you are not currently supporting this site please consider becoming a patron and supporter!
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