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Do you prefer to wear female clothes that are more loose or more snug?

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For everyday clothes, not for special events, do you prefer to wear clothing that fits more loosely, such as an oversized sweater, or do you prefer to wear tighter fitting clothing, such as yoga pants and skinny jeans?


Generally, snug looks much better on me, both tops and pants. However, I prefer flared skirts and dress bottoms. The flare really helps give the illusion of a waist because I have narrow hips and am long-waisted.

Pants I like skinny, because I have good looking legs (so people say).  Tops can be a little wider, because my upper torso has not the shape that I would like to have.

Snug fits well on me usually. Only really baggy clothes I have are my hoodies for lounging around the house

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Snug and form-fitting whenever possible. I have always had hips and a well-defined waist. In my case, making my shape readily apparent helps make it more obvious that I am a woman. I hate having to wear heavy coats in winter because they hide so much, although I had no gendering issues wearing a parka on a shopping trip in downtown Denver yesterday.


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