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Coming out to family


I unfortunately don’t speak any Indonesian or Malay but I have family in Malaysia and was wondering if any of you are out to your families, how they took it, and tips on how I can come out to my aunts, uncles, cousins and their kids in Malaysia.

I am out to my mum who is Chinese-Malay but I’m pretty sure she thinks that being trans is a “western thing” and she is the youngest of her siblings just to give an idea of the generation we’re dealing with

I hope even if I don’t get help that this will help all of you.

I'm out to my family but I think they are still in the "what else can they do" or "I don't care anymore" stage. In the beginning they got really2 angry. I haven't been back home ever since, nor talk often with them.

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I’m glad you’re safe and I hope that they eventually come around

Btw where are your family from


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