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Question about personal info/deleting threads



I am very new here and trying to get a feel for how to fit in with the community so I can engage. Yesterday, I posted in Transtalk regarding a relationship I'd had recently and that being related to starting transition. It looks like the post was removed, and I am just wondering if there's some policy on giving details from our personal lives? I'm not salty about this at all, just curious what the guidelines are since I'm still new :).

I am wondering:

1) What is the general rule/guideline for sharing about our personal lives? I understand the part of the TOS about this being a public forum, etc..just wondering if there was any other good guidelines?

2) What else may cause a thread to be removed besides, say, a TOS violation?



I can see a post of yours in Transgender talk which post are you missing Normally you would be contacted by moderator by now explaining what was wrong.


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I reviewed your posting history and none of them were in the trash (only staff can see this). Either you misplaced it or something went wrong when you posted it. I am not sure if you can do it now, but when you reach 15 post you will be able to review your posting history. To do this, go in your profile and hit Show Posts.

Share what your comfortable about your personal life but remember that the internet is forever so don't put anything up you may latter regret. There are sites like the wayback machine that will retain your posts forever even if they are removed here.

Normally if you violate the TOS, we will edit/remove the post and you will be informed of the issue. Many people never have a issue with their posts and many of the issues are minor.

We have an announcement section and Site Policies of the forum that mentions other reasons we may have issues with a post.

Ah, thank you, guys! I feel much better about this.

I'm still getting used to the captcha's, and sometimes forget to fill them in then press "post" and accidentally navigate away xD. That's probably what happened. I'll check my posting history when I'm up to 15.

The pointers are much appreciated, and thanks for investigating!

*makes a conscious effort to fill in the captcha xD*


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