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Doing Makeup when you wear glasses?

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--- Quote from: Dietlind on December 08, 2018, 07:48:18 am ---And that is what I have had done.  I am living with the new lenses now for about 5 years, and I still can see like a hawk!

For reading i buy those cheap reading glasses when they are on sale, and I have a pair laying in almost every room of the house and a set in the car.
I wish, I would have had the lens replacement many years ago, it is such an improvement of my quality of life!

--- End quote ---
Have the lens replacement also but not by choice.  About 10 years after my lasik I developed cataracts. Better vision after the cataract surgery than after lasik. If anyone is  wondering,  there is no link between the two, just something that happened to me.  I did ask about that when the cataracts came up.  The unusual thing about it is that I was still in my forties when I got them.  I needed readers before but I get by with lower power ones now than before. 
I get them at the dollar store so don't fret none when I break or lose a pair.

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I literally touch the mirror with my nose. :P more seriously, I put on my make up quite automatically. I'm thinking of buying a special mirror, though, that looks like a magnifying glass.

I had no idea flip down glasses were available.  Absolutely brilliant.  I will be ordering some today!


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