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Back hair


Anyone have any ideas for shaving back hair? By yourself?

Denice, I first carefully feel my back checking for new pimples or bumps that are going to cause grief if I shave over them.

Then if all is okay, I proceed to lather the back with pure goats milk soap. It's way too big an area to waste with shaving cream. Besides I love my goats milk soap, I use it everywhere for shaving because it works well with my skin, and lasts a long time.

I then get one of my older twin blade razors. Not really old and blunt, but one that has been used on the face for at least one week. I find a totally new razor seems to increase the risk of nicks, I guess because it's extra sharp.

Then I shave by touch alone. I don't bother trying and set up mirrors and twisting my body to be able to see what's going on. Always seems too hard.

I don't know if everyone can do it, (depends on your joints I suppose) but I find I can do my whole back comfortably this way, either with one arm over my shoulders for the top part, or conversely one arm coming up from below for the rest of the back. (I hope that makes sense.)

I usually have to hunch a bit, to make sure my shoulder blades are not sticking out too much.

Don't know if this is any help, but it works for me and I find doing it this way strangely fun and satisfying.


Sorry for not responding sooner. I'm not limber enough to try that.

I use "bro shaver". It's 4 safety razors on a long arm that you reach over your back (very carefully). But, it works. I never managed to shave my back with a normal shaver.


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