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How to prepare a cool persuasive speech?


I need to make the one for my university, what tutorials are the most helpful for this? Would be really grateful for recommendations!

There are a plenty of them in net, however it seems strange for me that your professor didn't recommend you anything in advance. Or are you looking for some extra ones?
It seems from your question that you already know some basic principles of writing the persuasive speech. However I can add from my own experience that for making a really good one it's important to pay attention on such things:
- writing like you talk (always keep in mind that you need to present it well, your goal isn't just writing a cool text so it's better to avoid complicated constructions/words/sentences )
- telling a story (think about as just an other type of story, in such way your task won't seem so difficult and it'll impress more your audience, try to find your own structure for it which will feel naturally both for you and your audience)
- preparing a good structure (your speech should have a strong introduction, conclusion and a logical argument in its main body)
- proofreading of the ready speech and its rehearsing (don't try to be perfect with it but leave yourself enough time for correcting and improving the speech, other people like your friends or a writing tutor can be very helpful with this for more effective defining mistakes and its weak parts, besides you need to make a repetition with your 'home' audience before the final speech presentation because it's not less important than actually writing it)


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