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I've seen the lists of welcoming and affirming congregations but since the LGB part of LGBT is much more prominent I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for finding a congregation/spiritual leader who is knowledgeable about the T part. When I see a congregation listed as welcoming I go to their website to see if they say anything about how welcoming LGBT individuals. A number of times I find nothing on their sites to indicate how LGBT people are welcome. That makes me wonder if being "welcoming" is little more than some form they filled out.

I'm a Christian and I'm looking for an opportunity to talk with a pastor/minister about being trans. I don't view it as a sin but I've never had a spiritual perspective on being transgender. I'm in New Jersey so if anyone has someone they can recommend in this area I would welcome the suggestion.


I have no direct experience, but I have heard that "welcoming" doesn't necessarily mean what you might hope.  Depending on the denomination and congregation, welcoming might mean that you can join, but you have to try to "pray the gay away".

"Affirming" tends to mean something more positive.

I hope you are able to find a suitable congregation.

My own take is that God made me trans, and that He doesn't make mistakes.

Thanks, KathyLauren. I agree that this is how I was made by God and it's not a mistake. I'm not quite sure why I was made this way, but that's #1 on my list of questions if I get to ask them on the other side.

   Look into Unitarian. My partner was a founding member of the church near us. Last year they hosted a Trans Day of Remembrance. It is a church that is not very dogmatic, very open to people being different.

Just a suggestion. I am not Christian, but if I were I would find an MCC church.

--- Quote ---Even in the most inclusive church, our trans* and gender non-conforming siblings struggle to find a place both to be ministered to and in which to embody the priesthood of all believers. Metropolitan Community Churches has heard this need and, through MCC Transgender Ministries, is offering this program to enhance the ministry experiences of faith communities to and with trans* and gender non-conforming people.

This program offers the local church an opportunity to better welcome trans* and gender non-conforming individuals in the local worshiping and ministry community by guiding the formation and/or enhancement of ministries already alive in the faith community.
--- End quote ---


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