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Susan R:
Moderators:  feel free to move this if it's posted in the wrong location.  I could not locate an appropriate place for this.

I noticed this today but it may have started a day or two ago.  I always sign my posts with an emoji symbol like my example below.  If I preview my post, I get the error shown in the screenshot.

Susan R🌷

UPDATE:  I forgot to add that if I do want to Preview the post prior to Posting it, I simply need to remove my little flowered emoji and it Previews fine.  I then add the emoji back and Post..viola it's done!
Sometimes it will even post fine showing the emoji even if posting from this Preview error screen but not every time.  It does occasionally fail to post so it's somewhat annoying but not critical.

Northern Star Girl:
@Susan R:
Dear Susan,
 I have made an official inquiry regarding the issue that you reported...
... hopefully some kind of solution or at least an answer back to you will be forthcoming soon. 
I will do my best to keep you informed.


Susan R:
Thank you, Danielle.  Is this where I should be reporting site errors or bugs?  I didn't find anyplace specific but it's a big place.  Maybe I missed it.

Susan R🌷

Hi Susan

The quick answer is - no I don't know why it does that.

I suspect that it is because the emoji you are using is not from the standard set seen by the software and so it throws something out of kilter.

I suggest ignoring it and just do the preview without and add later.

I get that all the time and it’s as Cindy said... emoji sets not from Susan’s give this error. I found  removing all emojis from the quoted post and you should be fine. To post...if you don’t you may not be able to post it.


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