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Davinas diet (attempt !)

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Just watched a diet cooking program, but it was for folk that eat junk and was to get them eating fresh cooked meals. Something I do already mostly. It was followed by a show using twins to see the best ways of doing things one of which was diet verses exercise,one twin (there were several sets) ate 1000 cal less than RD (recommended daily) and the other exercised 1000 cal per day. Diet won as between them lost 16kilo over 1 month as against 14 , also the time spent exercising (2 HR a day) and feeling tired (knackered!!! )  So diet it is ,just need to be able to work out calories for what I cook.

Maid Marion:
I freeze freshly bake goods and eat them later for portion control.  That way I don't eat too much.

Yes I found tying to cook an Indian meal by halving the ingredients ruining's the taste so freeze some , starting to use some up to make room now. 

Getting some 1cal spray today as found even sunflower oil is 100 cal per tablespoon , stood on scales this morning .Damn have put on 14LB since last Oct ,  that's it not baking any more cake. Anybody want some apricot and pecan tea loaf?

Started back at work , we had free pizza but just had 1 slice. So start weight is 216 lb and goal is 150 140 . so count down 66 ----------


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