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Do you sometimes wear clips/barrettes in your hair to keep it out of your face?

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As my hair gets longer, I do love to have it around my face.  I enjoy moving it around, tucking it behind my ears, and even sometimes playing with it.

However, at times, I have to admit it is annoying that it covers my eyes or otherwise gets in the way, especially so when I need to do some work that clearly would benefit from having both of my eyes clearly being able to look at something.  My hair is not that long, however If I comb it straight down in the front, the ends of my bangs can reach my mouth. 

To deal with this, I have been wearing a thin hair clip to hold the hair down and to the side.
Even my sideswept bangs can cover one of my eyes if I comb my hair sideways.

I guess the growing head hair is both a benefit and a drawback of being a woman.  At least it is all my hair, not that I do not love a nice long hair wig.   :)    You can wear some really cute hair embellishments with longer hair, they really can be very feminine adornments.   :)   Some can look nice with shorter hair too.   :)

So do any of you find yourself in the situation that you need to hold down your hair to get it out of the way?   It is a “small price to pay” that is for sure, and sometimes may even pretty up your hair. 


My natural hair isn't long enough now to worry about. Hopefully it'll start growing faster and I won't have to use a wig. :)

With my wig I sometimes do use clips or bobby pins to keep it out of my eyes. I also like the pins to help shape the hair on my forehead.

Good topic question.  Personally, I sometimes put my hair in a ponytail especially if I wear a cap and at night when I'm asleep - I think waking up in the middle of the night chewing on my hair wisened me up to that.

I still have some bald areas but don't wear wigs so when I part my hair sometimes I wish I had something to hold that hair into place.  Eventually, it will be long enough to part over and fit into the ponytail.


Hair accessories are not just for clearing your eye areas from hair. They can be used for straightening curly hair. And above all, they can be useful in attracting attention and accentuating your hair whey you wear monotonous clothes. I keep various hair accessories.



Anne Blake:
I sometimes use clips to hold my hair back to the sides of my head, sometimes I clip it up in a bun (especially at night, it simplifies brushing out in the mornings). Other times I will use my sunglasses on top of my head to hold the hair back out of my eyes or out of my mouth while eating.

Good luck,
Tia Anne


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