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Do you sometimes wear clips/barrettes in your hair to keep it out of your face?

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I pull my hair to the back of my head and I use a hair band to keep it there. I just do not enjoy getting my hair in my mouth. Without the hair band, my hair is always in my eyes or mouth. This is just so annoying, so I use the hair bands.

I suppose I could get a hair cut, but that is just not my style. This is a small price to pay for being myself.

nothing wrong with hair clips, barrettes, or a bit of deco ...

I haven't been too successful when I've tried barrettes etc. in the past.  I do use a UW Badgers scrunchie for my ponytail on fall Saturdays. I have a Packer ribbon hair tie for Sundays but I'm not too good at getting that right without twisting the ribbons

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       Ponytail girl here but like the accessory suggestions  ;) Lately been tying low to one side so it drapes over my shoulder rather than hanging straight back. Avoids being caught in a car seat should I suddenly look down . . . and easier to nervous nibble is so inclined?

What's/is there a trick to braiding one's own hair? You know your hair is getting longer (again) if one can reach around and grab it behind your back! I understand *straight* hair is much stronger than *curly* and final length is directly related to duration of growth (Anagen to Catagen) phases.

lol Went for Birthday dinner last night daughter-in-law did "Dream of Genie" hair style with ponytail sticking straight up on top of head!


--- Quote from: Faith on January 19, 2019, 10:41:19 am ---nothing wrong with hair clips, barrettes, or a bit of deco ...

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That is an absolutely gorgeous look with your ponytail and adornment.   :)



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