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Do you sometimes wear clips/barrettes in your hair to keep it out of your face?

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Northern Star Girl:

--- Quote from: ChrissyRyan on February 07, 2021, 07:34:19 pm ---For the last couple of hours, in between eating and posting, I have been fussing with hair... getting a pretty bow in just the right place, parting and combing in just the right style, and using barrettes.  I tried a hair band too.  :)

The variety of looks achieved is interesting.  Some just did not turn out well.  Others were nice.


--- End quote ---

Dear Chrissy:
Styling hair can be quite an experimental endeavor....  like you stated, some did not turn out well and others were nice.

Hopefully you will find out what works well for you and what style that you like and look good on you.
Wishing you well as you continue on.

Yes and they can be low-key or meant to be noticed.   :)

So pretty they can be.


My hair is long, not very nice, and afflicted with MPB.  Being non-binary sometimes I present female.  When I do that I hide my real hair under a wig and don't need any clips or barrettes.  On the other hand, when I present male (or really gender neutral) I let my real hair show -- and it is long.  So in that case I do use a barrette to gather it into a pony tail and keep it out of my face.  I do not get bad comments over that, but I sometimes get confused with other "old men" with a gray ponytail.  Life can be interesting...

Sometimes I simply wear them as another affirmation of sorts of being female but they do have a practical purpose, especially so when I have let my hair grow out or when wearing a longer wig.

Have a wonderful day!


Placing one or two ribbons in your hair can be a nice look every once in awhile too.




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