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I've been relistening to a lot of Blink 182 and their related solo projects and spin off super groups. I've decided that their later albums aren't as good as earlier but got an overall bad rap (hard to live up to their first two) and are actually decent, that +44 is completely pointless and should have just been a Blink 182 album (and it would have been a good one), and that Angels and Airwaves is stylish and fantastic. Aside from that, a ton of All Time Low. However, recently was turned on to this following band, and absolutely in love, so I present to you... Sorority Noise.

I had a long day at work because of unexpected problems so instead of screaming myself, I opened a long playlist of metal songs, their screaming and the sound of distorted electric guitars makes me feel better.

Emerson, Lake, and Palmer - Karn Evil 9 1st impression part 1

The solo at the end is just so deep...

C -

I am listening to Romantic Piano Music on Pandora.


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