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What style of pizza and crust do you prefer?

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What style of pizza and crust do you prefer?
This is not a question about pizza toppings, see another pizza thread for that.   :)

Do you like deep dish, Chicago style; thin crust, New York style; thick crust, traditional flour crust, cauliflower crust, cheese used as the pizza crust, or ...   ?

I seem to like them all but have not eaten cauliflower crust pizza or cheese used as the crust pizza.  I would like to try those.  Yes, I have had some lousy pizza but have had a lot of good ones!

I do not like it when there are big “bubbles” in the crust, that does not make for an enjoyable slice of pizza, as the sauce and cheese and toppings are often pushed away by the bubble in the crust as the pizza cooks.



NY of course.

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 thick hand tossed or deep dish Chicago style I think it is

deep dish


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