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My review for FFS with Dr Chettawut - Success
« on: January 21, 2019, 04:48:09 am »
Hello all!

This is my review for Dr Chettawut for FFS for anyone thinking of getting FFS from him.

So I planned everything with work during the month of December to have 3 weeks off for surgery in the coming of January and thankfully they have allowed me to. My First contact with Dr Chettawuts financial manager (Ms Som) was back in 2014 when I traveled to Bangkok for SRS with Dr Chettawut as I've had friends from different parts of the world whom did their SRS with Dr Chettawut which was a success, no complications. My SRS experience with Dr Chettawut:,177094.msg1595892.html#msg1595892

And so after 4 years have gone by, I decided to contact Ms Som once again but this time for FFS. She had requested left, right, and front angles of my face so that she would be able to show Dr Chettawut on what facial surgeries is recommended for best FFS results. As 3 days passed, I finally got an email from Ms Som with Dr Chettawuts recommendation which were:

1.      Forehead/ Brow Ridge Contouring + upper forehead augmentation
2.      Jaw and Chin contouring
3.      Upper eyelid surgery
4.      Buccal fat pad removal
5.      Liposuction under the chin & neck area

Of course, i was hesitant since at that time I havent saved up enough so I informed Ms Som that i would need one year to save up financially for the total amount I would have to pay for which I did. Once October came around I once again contacted Ms Som through email and informed her that i was ready to pay full price and wire transfer the money to Dr Chettawut. First few things that were required were blood test and chest and skull x-rays which were needed just to make sure I was healthy enough to endure medications and make sure I was not ill or had any HIV or diseases. Once all documentations were sent over, my date was confirmed for January 5th, 2019 as my day of surgery. I was also told not to take hormones 2 weeks before surgery and stop taking any kind of blood thinning medications 1 month before surgery and to stop smoking 2 months before surgery which doesnt apply to me cause I do not smoke ever! NOTE: Always follow what instructions are given to you. if you don't then it's the reasons why you would end up with complications or sometimes die on the operating table. So please it's important to follow instructions months before surgery!

When December came around, me and my partner was able to pay for our roundtrip flight to Bangkok and reserved our Hotel at the Novotel Bangkok Bangna Hotel which was one of the 3 hotels that is affiliated with Dr Chettawuts clinic. We were also able to save up enough to buy some gifts for family and friends for Christmas (Thank Goodness).

When January 2nd came around, we finally flew to Bangkok at 11:45am and landed in Incheon, South Korea airport at 5:45pm January 3rd. Since Bangkok is one day ahead, we got there at 12:20am on january 4.

January 4th, 2019 - Consultation - Bangkok, Thailand

Day of my Consultation. Woke up and had to go to the lobby at 8:30am and was picked up by Dr Chettawuts driver. Once we got to Dr Chettawuts Clinic, Dr Chettawut informed me the procedures and what he will do on my face to make sure I have the best results for me. Since I also had SRS in 2014, Dr Chettawut took a few pics of my vagina and breast as I did both back in 2014 at the same time. He seems so happy with the work he has done after seeing my vagina and breast. He was like a man who wont the lottery as he was proud that what he was seeing was his own work and was extremely happy, it came out beautiful!

After consultation I was given more documents and omg, I was so excited. In the instructions for the next day, it said, "You must completely stop taking water, all kinds of beverages and food at 7:00am"

This made me so ecstatic as I was so hungry and wanted to eat before I went to surgery. it wasnt like SRS where I had to go on laxatives a day before surgery. So i went with my partner and we ate all day and went to visit the mall nearby and of course went to Patpong Night market to buy fake goods lol.

January 5th, 2019 - Day of Surgery

This was the day. I was picked up at my hotel lobby at 10am and was brought to Dr Chets clinic ready to be knifed in the face. Of course, my partner was worried but we kissed and said our goodbyes as I informed him that everything would be well and I would see him again 2 days after surgery back at the hotel.

Once I got to the clinic, Dr Chett drew on my eyelid as that was the first surgery he did. Was then brought in the surgery room and laid on the operating bed. They then numbed my eyelids and didnt put me under anesthesia. Then I had to close my eyes and Dr Chett did his work while I was awake with my eyes closed throughout the whole eyelid surgery. I could smell the burning skin and hear the laser cutting up my eyelids but there was no pain. I was a bit squemish but I knew that if I did any major movement, it would mess up Dr Chettawut and I would have messed up my eyelid surgery and looked like a cyclops lol.

Once the procedure was done, i was assisted with the nurses to go back into the room next door, I was told to open my eyes and they'd help me walk. I laid on the bed for about 30 minutes and then it was time to go in for my major Face Surgery. As i was brought to the operating table again, that is when they have added some padding on my face area and strapped me down and then administered anesthesia. I was then feeling tingling in my arms going towards my chest and then the next thing you know, everything became blurry and I was knocked out cold.

I was then woken up after the surgery and was assisted in the other room where I slept and took meds and threw up until the next day where I had to walk with the nurses holding me up to go downstairs into the recovery room where I slept and did the same, threw up, and take meds. My partner came to visit me to make sure I didnt die on the operating table and once he saw I was recovering, he then left where I'd meet him back at the hotel the next day.

January 7th, 2019 - Back to my hotel

Once I got back to my hotel at around 9am, I had a band around my forehead and a face bandage that wrapped around from my chin to the top of my head (I was not given the titanium screws and plating to my forehead surgery since I had a small frontal sinus and instead was given a synthetic bone substitute (calcium hydroxyapatite) to cover the small bone defect. There is no titanium sheet applied to the reconstructed area (C2-Method which is explained on Dr Chettawuts website). Also had drains connected from under my jaw to my chin. For the whole day, I rested while my partner slept on the bed next to my bed as he was afraid he would accidentally hit my face while he slept. I was given vitamin B12 complex, electrolytes, as well as pain medications and swelling medications.

January 8th, 2019 - January 12th, 2019 - Recovery Week 1

During this time I had alot of swelling and numbness and my lower lip was very fat and swollen as well as looking like a chipmunk with fat cheeks and jaws. Everyday the nurses Mrs Sri and Mrs Tair came by and checked on my wounds and healing progress.
On January 8th Tuesday, nurses came to take out my drains. Had my partner, go buy soft foods and clear soups and juices and more water to prepare for the week of my soft food diet.
On January 9th Wednesday, nurses came by to take out my stitches on my eyelids.
On January 10 Thursday, just full day of rest and was able to eat yogurt, milk, juice, and still clear soup.
On January 11th Friday still very swollen and numb but I noticed my lips swelling have been decreasing slowly, still numb on my chin and i can feel little sensation on my left side of my lower lip, good sign!
On January 12th Saturday, my partner had to leave early for work or else no one would pay the bills lol. Said my goodbyes and we FB video chatted and spoke with each other through FB video and calling everyday until I returned home. My swelling has gone down a bit more and I can

January 13th, 2019 - January 19th, 2019 - Recovery Week 2

On January 13th Sunday, my swelling has gone down more. I can finally talk better as my lower lip is not too fat to restrict me from talking too well. Felt lonely and was alone since my partner left back home. Tried to make contact with any girls in any of the three hotels by posting on here and Reddit to see if anyone wanted to meet or hang out.
On January 14th Monday Nurses came by to remove my stitches from my head and I was nor able to shower for 3 days so I was told to shower early in the morning before they removed my stitches. My healing is getting better, still have chipmunk jaw and cheeks but getting better, I was able to travel to Patpong market to buy a few fake goods to bring home and was able to eat soup with rice and fish in it. I was still afraid to eat any solid foods.
On January 15th Tuesday, I went walking near the pool, heard walking helps with swelling and also get somewhat some healthy walking to get blood going. Later that day, I got a Grab (also known as Uber before) and rode to Central Plaza Mall where a supermarket was also located at the bottom of the mall, bought a few hygiene and snacks and juices.
On January 16th Wednesday, My lower lip still swollen but it decreased and I can finally almost talk normally now but not quite there yet. I finally got a message on Reddit from another girl (Jenny) who had SRS done and was located at the Rama Hotel where I used to be back in 2014 for SRS also. Agreed to meet up and also met another girl who had SRS, Laura, I rode Grab to the Rama Hotel and we hung out until 12 midnight and then I left home. Laura was leaving the next day and Jenny left on Friday. We had so much to learn from each other. Same night, I ate some really good room service Green Thai Style Curry but it was so spicy omg (this is a story for the next day that caused issues)
On January 17th Thursday, woke up at 4am and my lower right back side was really painful and my stomach started hurting. Dunno why. I went to use the bathroom and then a few minutes later, the pain travelled to my lower abdomen, thought it was my appendix, kidney stones, or something else. Couldnt go back to sleep so I waited until the Clinic opened at 7am and informed Dr Chettawuts nurse that I was not feeling too well and if one of the nurses can come by my hotel. The nurse sent a message to Ms Sri, one of the nurses who visits all the patients in recovery everyday but the other nurse informed me to go to the hospital nearby called Sikarin Hospital. I rode the cab to Sikarin Hospital and once I got there, it was pretty nice to have a few of the staff and nurses there know English but I could have gone to the Bumrungrad International Hospital 45 minutes away from my hotel where they speak fluent English and have 80% of tourist go there.

Anyway, had to sign papers and the docto could not speak any english at all but glad the nurse who accompanied me spoke good English and translated for me where the pain was. The doctor ran some pressure test and also did a blood and urine test only for it to come back negative on all test. So I was told if i wanted to see a gynecologist to check why I have pain in my groin area. I refused and headed back to my hotel. The pain at this point was minimal, but I still could feel it. It wasnt my appendix cause then I would be in lots of pain to a point where walking would be hard, it wasn't UTI as I would have felt a burning sensation if I went to pee which I didnt, and last I thought it could have been kidney stones but it associated with burning sensation when peeing so I was wrong again. Later that night, I ordered room service for Tom Yam Goong Pla (Somekind of Soup with rice and fish in it, it was so good!). Once I ate, all the pain subsided and my sides and my groin area wasn't hurting anymore. Note to self: DON'T EAT SPICY FOOD!

On January 18th Friday, My lips, chin and where the buccal fat was removed is not as swollen as much but still numbing on my chin and lips have some sensation to them when I touch them, its a tingling feeling. Where buccal fat was removed, still showing swelling but not as bad. Still wearing the bandages which I have to wear for 2 - 3 months when going to bed or the whole day when Im at home.

Also had my last check-up today as I changed my flight to leave on next day instead of Sunday. Dr Chett was worried and asked if I was still hurting. Mrs Sri was the nurse who came to pick me up today and explained to me that I had those issues because I ate some very spicy Thai Curry which messed up my stomach and I confirmed that i did eat spicy food the night before and then she said that if I ate something again, it would make the pain go away and she was right. Dr Chettawut said the same but he checked my wounds and told me that my healing is doing great and that I'm ready to fly back home but to make sure to always use the face bandage to support my chin for 8 weeks and the forehead bandage to support my forehead for 3 weeks to prevent any skin sagging. He told me that the healing process will take up to a full year to see the complete results but I noticed my forehead and brow ridge results right after surgery.

On January 19th Saturday, I woke up at 5 am as Dr Chettawuts driver was to arrive at 6am to take me to the airport. Had already most of my things packed the night before and only had to do my makeup and hair then headed downstairs to wait for the driver. When 6am came around the driver took me to the airport.

When I finally got home, I was relieved and my partner was happy to see me. It's now the 21st and my swelling has gone down drastically, I can feel sensation on my lips but there's still a tiny bit of numbness. My chin is still numb and my buccal fat area is still swollen but very minimal. Overall, it's only been 2 weeks and 2 days. I return to work on Tuesday but so far Im very very extremely happy with what I see already.

Throughout the weeks and months, I will update this post.

Any questions, I'm willing to answer to both SRS and FFS to the best of my knowledge and everything I went through with my experience with Dr Chettawut on both SRS and FFS. For Cost and other things I cannot post publicly due to forum rules, I will try to send a PM.

NOTE: Throughout my stay, I always tipped taxi drivers, the hotel servers, and also bought a nice big gift basket that cost me over 200 bucks to Dr Chettawut and his staff and nurses and drivers for the outstanding care and work they have done. When I caught the cabs, if my cab fare was $3.40 in Thai currency, I just gave $5 in thai currency, it's just out of courtesy as these people are also trying to make a living. I have not done this back in 2014 until I finally left which I tipped Dr Chettawuts driver and just left a tip in his passenger seat just as I left to walk into the airport so he wouldn't run back to me to give me back my money that he thought I have left. I regret this back in 2014 but this time, I was able to have the opportunity to be courteous and tip and be thankful to the people of Thailand.
15 years on HRT and going, started at age 16.

SRS+BA done in Bangkok, Thailand by the hands of Dr Chettawut Tulayaphanich and his team on November 1, 2014.