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Im not degreed myself but I fancy myself some electronics work. I've been following Look Mum No Computer on YouTube and Patreon and have REALLY wanted to build my own modular synthesizer.

I have done a few very small scale projects. Adding resistors to my baby's toy because the lights were too bright and, my favorite, soldered an old battery phone to work through the regulator chip on a PSP-1000 battery as it had unfortunately blown out. Those batteries are not cheap and hard to find.

Very easy hobby style stuff so far, working towards that synth!

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I'm an ME and I wouldn't trade my education for all the tea in China. I also love working with electronics and a few years ago I managed to get a ham radio license and recently this year my FAA drone pilots license.

I have a physics degree. I'm a software engineer. I used to be an embedded software engineer and I dabbled in hardware as well. I knew enough that I could test hardware, diagnose problems and specify solutions for them, and work and understand all the common equipment as well as designing software to run bed-of-nails test harnesses.

It was certainly enjoyable, and I also did courses such as MITx 6.002x (which was a forerunner to the edx MOOC courses organisation). Very difficult and very rewarding! I think edx has become quite expensive now though. :-(


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