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Famed 'conversion therapist' now plans to 'pursue life as a gay man'

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i guess it all depends on what his approach was. the article hinted at him advising people on how to live with it.

Interesting action on his part.


Which confirms my suspicion about many of the more outspoken anti-LGBT voices out there. Maybe that whole LGBT "thang" hits a little too close to home.  People don't generally get that worked about things which don't personally impact them.  I've always thought Fred Phelps was likely a closet case.

I wish I could say I'm shocked by this, but it's always the most viscious that turn out to be acting like that over shame of their association with whoever they're attacking.

Lady Sarah:
In many cases, it is about trying to deny their inhibitions, and prove how straight they are. Sadly, with others, (like with my husband's brother) it is about hiding the fact that they had gay tendencies as a child, but don't want the world to have any clue about it not that they are adults.

You cannot always know the reasoning behind the bigots. For sure, denial is likely the truth is a great many cases. However, we cannot rule out brainwashing either.


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