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Which mtf milestone marks the trans-woman’s “mtf birthday”?

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Which mtf milestone marks the trans-woman’s “birthday”?  No, I am not talking about the day that she was born into the world.

Is her mtf birthday...
The day she realizes she is trans?
The day she gets a letter for mtf HRT?
The day she takes her first mtf HRT medicine?
The day she goes full-time?
The day she gets her birth certificate changed?
The day she has gender reassignment surgery?

On some other milestone day?
Or on each of these days?


I think the day she goes full time would be best!  Some don't want to get bottom surgery, others don't want to change the birtertificate.

I don't remember any of the key dates listed up there, and that would mean I can't celebrate a birthday?

For me it's when my legal name change was signed. That's when Stacy was first legally acknowledged anywhere. Much like a cis person gets a birth certificate.

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Harley Quinn:
For me it was hormones. It was the biggest hurdle and the jumping off point for transitioning. Everything after hormones wasn't nearly as scary. Even GRS was kind of "Meh".  I mean, yes I wanted it and it had to be done. However, post op was a very natural feeling and almost an afterthought immediately after. I would have thought that it would have been a more memorable event than it was... Still lives in "Hormones' " shadow.

For me, unquestionably going full-time.  Coming out to my wife was big; HRT was big; GRS, when it happens, will be big.  But the biggest of all was going full-time.  Standing up at the community coffee meeting and declaring that I was transgender and would henceforth be known as Kathy.

My re-birthday is April 20th.  I'll be two. ;)


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