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Hi everyone,

Has anyone here at BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) and not to sound bad but and white? I see a lot of darker women getting it but not many white women.

I’ve been on hormones for 12 years now and still flat as before and no hips.

I weight 190 with a belly and I know they will lipo the fat and stick it in my butt and hips. Just wondering if that would even look good.


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I'm not sure why you think not many white women have it done but to answer your question I had bbl with implants in November, it looks good and I'm white. Implants give far better projection than fat so unless you have large amounts of fat to use are worth considering.

I had 600cc fat and 300cc implant per cheek. I'm about 30 waist 44 hips. A lot of that is the bum but I do have obvious hips now, it looks natural and the bums better than most cisfemales.
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You went to Dr Aslani? How was it? It's kind of difficult to find out much about him.

Hi CAB78,

I tend to watch for reviews on YouTube as I feel happier seeing the person than their words. When I look on YouTube it’s basically darker woman.

I also feel like doctors before and after photos can be edited.

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--- Quote from: AnonyMs on January 29, 2019, 12:46:14 pm ---You went to Dr Aslani? How was it? It's kind of difficult to find out much about him.

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Very good overall, it's not a boutique experience (because hes really busy doing bbl) but I would recommend him. He is passionate about safety and cares about his patients, so he will give the biggest hips and bum he can without taking risks. He does not inject fat deep into muscle which is vital for safety because it reduces risk of fat embolism. He will decline implant requests that he feels are to large and is strict about how much fat he can transfer, although it is a lot!

Hes done about 11k bbl and between 100-200 trans woman. I'm about 2 months into my recovery and plan to post a review at 3 months which is supposed to be when I can see the final results.

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