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Verbally Attacked, Struggling to Move On

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Northern Star Girl:
Oh, and another thing Tisane...
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Faiths words are true, though I think that this interaction with this new member in the group you moderate may have have had the slant of someone that is trying to be socially responsible, albeit through a narrow view.  He unfortunately seems to be stuck with his narrative of beliefs. 
One thing that meetings, debates and conversations create is education.  It could be he just hasn’t gotten views from others that can help with a broader enlightenment. 

--- Quote ---Deflection. Terrible thing. You think, "I am a target, how can I not be one. Oh, I know. I'll make someone else a target". You don't really have anything against that other person or group, you simply want the focus to be off of you. No one will see 'me' if enough people are focused on 'you'. Someone hates you so take that hate and pass it on to someone else. The easiest way to keep people from noticing you is to point at someone else, the more that are pointing the better. It's a vicious cycle.
--- End quote ---

People can be nasty

Lady Sarah:
It sounds to me like the guy did his best to troll and bait you. It doesn't matter what reason(s) he had to be nasty. You seemed like a viable target. When it comes to trolls, debate is useless. They will twist your words to mean something other than what you meant to bait you into defending your position. Once you defend yourself, they continue to pick on you. At this point, block/ignore is the best option. If you don't feed the troll, they eventually either find a new target or just give up.

Sometimes it helps me, if I pretend something happened to a good friend and what advice I would provide. Taking it personally sometimes clouds your judgement.

I think the fact that he felt the need to attack someone for no reason at all, says more about him - than it does you. It is not his job or anyone else's job to police how we feel and how we identify.

As others mentioned if you have a therapist, I would bring this up and if you don't there are quite a few resources on youtube for dealing with narcissistic and toxic individuals.


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