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Let’s Play House (poem)


Sabrina Rei:

Let’s play house
you be the Dad
put on a tie
act like you’re glad
walk in the door
tell me, “I’m home”
ask what’s for dinner?
sit on your throne
“How was your day?”
reach for the news
check on the game
ask me for booze

What’s booze…?
It’s a Mommy and Daddy drink
Oh, okay.
Now where were we…
“You’ll never believe…”
pretend to listen
I’ll get upset
scream, “you never listen!”
I’ll start to cry
you wipe my tears
tell me you’re sorry
that you’ll clean your ears
“I want a baby!”
Now we have a son
teach him to pitch
hey, isn’t this fun?

Why aren’t you smiling?
You should be smiling.
Dad’s like this stuff.
…like this?
Food’s ready, boys!
I made a roast
Isn’t it yummy?
How about a toast?
You raise a cup
Say, “I’m so lucky.
I have the best wife
my kid plays hockey
See my new dress,
isn’t it pretty?
I want some shoes
Gimme some money

Uh… the money?

Here just use some leaves!

“My car won’t start”
here is your tool
“please fix it fast”
get junior to school
then when that’s done
i have other chores
for a strong man like you
hey! Are you bored?

Well.. you wanna be the mom?
…sure, okay.
Let’s play house
you be the mom
put on my skirt
and cherry lip balm
you make the dinner
you clean the place
is that a smile,
I see on your face?
I’ll go to work
and when I return
my cute wife will greet me
and then it’s my turn!

Or… we could both be moms?

I like.

It makes me feel so wistful about what might have been.

Sabrina Rei:

--- Quote from: MaryT on January 31, 2019, 08:49:48 am ---I like.

It makes me feel so wistful about what might have been.

--- End quote ---

Thanks, Mary!


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