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Transgender teacher harassed by staff and students in US, says lawsuit


Transgender teacher harassed by staff and students in US, says lawsuit

Pink News/Patrick Kelleher
2nd February 2019, 5:51 PM

"A transgender teacher from Maryland was harassed and discriminated against in three different schools by students, staff and parents, according to a lawsuit."

 I hope she wins. I work in a county close to this one and my experience has been totally opposite of this. I do believe her and it is a very sad situation for her.

She must live/work in a conservative enclave . It happens in some places where certain religions create enclaves and it’s like going to Stepford.

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This is so worrisome to me.  I work in education and want to transition but I don't see that working out very well because of stories like this one.  I believe the woman in the news article.  The treatment she received is so unfair and upsetting.  The only nice thing in her story is that she was hired.  How students and faculty found out she had transitioned is beyond me.  I think someone may breached her confidentiality unless she was open about her transition with students and coworkers.

I hope she wins her suit and more than that, I hope she finds a job as a teacher in a place that allows her to be herself and help students. 

This is just so sad,


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