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Horribly Dysfunctional Profile Page!



This is so infuriating!! Last week I posted about a serious design flaw in the profile page that caused me to easily delete my unread messages. A few days later I went to my profile page to click on that post of mine to look for replies. But that post was not listed. Why isn’t it there???

Miraculously, I managed to recall the forum section where I made the post. Someone replied “patience. We’re working on it for you”.

But now its days later, none of my unread messages have been returned-neither was that post I did about this problem. And no one thought to pm me about anything connected with this problem, nor can I find my post anywhere on this forum to learn what I may be able to do to restore my unread messages.

Indeed, I’ll need to write down the forum section where I made this post since it too will surely not appear listed in my profile page. I thought this forum was designed and maintained far better than it obviously is.

The answer is simple.
You pressed delete to remove your messages. They were deleted.

I'm also concerned about why you are more interested in using the site for as a means of sending personal messages than contributing to the Forum.


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