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Fun (non-trans) movies where one or more characters cross-dressed

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What are some (non-trans) movies where one or more characters cross-dressed to portray a character of the opposite sex?

Ladybugs is a comedy starring Rodney Dangerfield from the 1990s. Although Rodney does dress up in one scene, most of the movie features Johnathan Brandis as Martha (aka as Matthew) who pretends to be a girl on a girls soccer team that Rodney coaches.  As usual, Dangerfield has numerous opportunities to poke fun when he unleashes one-liners aimed at various people.


Some Like It Hot and Tootsie.  I don't know if you'd consider Birdcage a trans movie or not, although Albert is certainly a legitimate trans character.   

Mrs Doubtfire

Sir Les Patterson Saves The World.!

Barry Humphries and crew at their finest.

Bosom Buddies


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