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Due to my physiology and frequent water drinking I rarely pass a public restroom. At a newer Whole Foods store the other day I saw my first ungendered pair of rest rooms. Both doors had both gender figure symbols (one figure with a skirt, one without). But the room was a one holer with a sink and no urinal. I suspect both were like that.

I think that would be the best way to go for all small lockable toilets, but for larger ones, other means would be necessary, all right. After one of those darn 2 1/2 hour movies Hollywood keeps turning out the urinal rows are always full at the nearest RR. I like your dedicated urinal room idea, Cindy.

My guess is big corporations like Target and Whole Foods don't want to get caught between customers and state legislature nazis with crazy "bathroom bills". My appreciation to those companies that go that way.

We're pretty lucky to live in a province with a small population, so my proposal may not work everywhere.

But, in short, if I were premier and had a majority government, I would legislate to phase out shared-use facilities altogether.  Around here, most washrooms only had two toilets and in the men's washroom, maybe three urinals, and not a whole lot of traffic (even less since COVID-19).

If you de-pluralise them, that nullifies any need for gender assignment.

I know, it's easier said than done, but it's an idea.


--- Quote from: CindyLouCovington on February 10, 2019, 09:14:53 pm ---Perhaps the most practical is to have urinal rooms,obviously men only.and unisex toilet rooms.this would eliminate women having to go into a unisex room with men at urinals, and since toilets are eclosed and seperate little rooms each one,this solves the privacy issuesMen don't bother with toilets unless they have to defecate.Usually they use the urinals.This seems to me to be the best solution.

--- End quote ---

I would use the male restroom and sometimes i would get a look, probably more do now, but I'd never use a urinal.. I've been sitting down since a teen and though some say urinals are unisex, genital dysphoria just couldn't allow me.. I'd urinate and make such a mess.. (it's that bad)

I've seen a an episode in "The L Word" Season 2 that has a woman that urinated standing up, probably staged but i was like 'yeah, that is a option'..


Would prefer multi-user unisex but no urinals.


--- Quote from: mac1 on March 02, 2021, 01:19:14 am ---Would prefer multi-user unisex but no urinals.

--- End quote ---

As someone still presenting male i find urinals very convenient.  As do the vast majority of cis men.  Yes, sometime I sit and often prefer to, but as a practical/pragmatic person I haven't fully disengaged from the convenience my biological anatomy provides no matter how much I wish that anatomy was gone.

Eliminating urinals to accommodate trans people doesn't really seem fair to cis-men IMO.  Nor does opening women's rooms to men seem fair to ciswomen, the vast majority of which prefer separate restrooms.  I honestly just like the idea of transwomen and transmen using the bathroom that fits their identity and laws being enacted to protect that right, and the bigots just have to get over it.

I personally am not comfortable, at all, with multi user unisex bathrooms.  I don't even think I'd be able to use such restrooms. 


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