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I’ve decided to be fit

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I took the step towards a healthy life. I will lose my overweight. I have joined a fitnessclub online. I get cooking tips and an app that measures and keeps track of everything I eat. And my exercise.

I was sceptic to the app but a friend has managed to lose weight with that one.

So here I go. The beer tummy is about to disappear.

I know it won’t happen overnight. But at the end of summer, I will hopefully have lost enough to have normal jeans on me. Like 32”. I’m a 36” today.

This is the first day of my new fit life.


This is awesome news Tony!
But oof, this is a reminder to myself to lose those extra holiday weight gains...🤭

I use Fooducate to track my nutrition. I used to journal it. Never again.

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Something I have noticed is that I eat when I am bored. I have stopped that now. Instead I try to talk away the boring time on the phone. Or hang out on forums. Trying to learn youtube too.

I sometimes also take a walk. Walking is good for curing the bored feelings. Today I took a 5 km walk in the snow falling from the sky just after breakfast.

I’m bored when I have nothing to do. On vacation until wednesday. Oooohhhhhh....


Maid Marion:
Good for you!

It may help to find a hobby to do in your spare time.  As long as it isn't baking, the worst hobby in the world for someone trying to lose weight.


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