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Legal hate-GLBT fest continues . . . adoptions by GLBT targeted.

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--- Quote from: Alexandra on February 24, 2006, 12:34:20 am ---I'll yield to the argument that the green party may not be a true "moderate" party.  8)

However, I still stand by my argument that Americans don't want independent party moderates dominating politics. If they did, they'd all be in office and the conservatives and liberals will be fighting to regain seats lost to moderates.

I suppose the Ross bashing might have had some effect, HOWEVER, nothing compares to the bashing McCain got from Bush in 2000. If the Republicans didn't go for moderate Republican McCain in 2000, I don't see how how enough Republicans will abandon the GOP to vote for an independent party Moderate in 2008.  An independent will have to draw mostly from the Democrats and with Hillary Clinton (darned close to a moderate by the way) leading the polls, I don't see many Democrats doing the same either.

IMO I don't think Ross had any chance -- he had an impressive start by getting guite a few people to abandon their parties early -- but they were already on the fence -- getting enough hard core Demos and GOP faithful to leave their party was not likely to happen.

I'll yield on one thing though . . . if Bush continues to stumble around and the Demos remain rather aimless in leadership as the election approaches, 2008 might be another good year for an independent -- perhaps 20 percent of the vote . . . but to win an election outright, I don't think so. I suppose its good all this is just my opinion!  8)

Posted at: February 24, 2006, 12:28:38 AMI'll agree there. That was a bonehead decision. Perot should have selected a wise and respectable "name" and the race would have been a bit more interesting.

Posted at: February 24, 2006, 12:31:50 AMYes, many in the GOP tend to "use" God to get elected. Its been working quite nicely too.  :(

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You make a number of good points.

If the Democrats don't get their act together, an Independant candidate could make 2008 ... interesting!  You know, someone strong, wise, military background, rational...  Sound like anyone we know?  :D



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