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Surging through my veins

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Today the blocker is surging through my veins, Spironolactone . If all goes well and bloods are ok I will start HRT in three weeks time.

My GP (Gender Medicine) seems really nice, so I feel comfortable that we will have a good relationship. Two to three months will tell on how my body is starting to embrace the medication. I have no expectations and I will go on having no expectations. What my body decides to do with the help of these medications is really up to itself, my brain will go along for the ride!

The dysphoria will be interesting to observe and I hope to give a frank account of how it proceeds with nearly two weeks of Living full time as a women. It’s physically tiring but I feel that it should not take too long in adjustment and becomes normal.  Going out is less of an issue but vocalising socially will take a lot of work to try and adjust to a softer more feminine voice? A person that has always been used to communicating  on a  daily basis, I now find myself using less words sparingly, more descriptive.

A safe journey to all my sisters that have embarked on this journey, I too join you all.

Warm Regards Michelle

<No dosages please

Northern Star Girl:
This is very exciting news for you and also very exciting for all of us to read...  very happy for you.
As you get going with your HRT in 3 weeks please be sure to keep all of us tuned into your progress but only post more updates as you feel comfortable doing.

We are your biggest fans here on the forums and we are all rooting for your success!! :)

Hugs and best wishes,

Allie Jayne:
Michelle, congratulations on taking your first steps! I am seeing my Endo next Wednesday to find out the plan I will be on, and I am expecting a Spiro prescription. As you are a week or so ahead of me I will be interested in your progress, so do keep us updated!

My dysphoria has increased substantially in the past year, and taught me a lesson about its power by making me quite sick over many months. The 4 docs who have tried to cure me have run out of ideas, and finally agreed that dysphoria is the likely cause of my illness. So I need to take significant steps towards transition to try reduce my dysphoria, so I can regain my health. I now have a deep respect for the power of dysphoria!

I am envious of you going full time, as I doubt I will get that opportunity.


Allie, its lovely to hear from you. Please stay hopeful.

I will post in the next week how the blockers are going, even though it is early days. The GP for the control of Spiro/HRT thinks that not too much will happen in the next three weeks, I tend to agree with her but it will be interesting to see what the next round of test results will show? More for the electrolytes and if they are at a good level.

Warm Wishes

Allie Jayne:
Michelle, I'm ever hopeful, just don't want to build expectations in case it doesn't happen. I know we are all different, but I will be watching your posts to see how Spiro works for you. I expect I will get mine next week, but suspect my Estrogen  will be delayed due to illness and an overseas trip next month. So you will probably slip out to a month or two ahead of me and be like a 'what's next forecast' for me.

I hope 2019 realises your dreams and you settle in your proper place.



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