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International Woman's Day
« on: March 08, 2019, 07:32:19 pm »
This morning I wished my wife of 36 years "Happy Woman's Day".  She returned the wish, stating that "you are a woman aren't you?".

No sense of irony or ridicule, just a statement of fact.  I've never "come out" and have spent over 10 years making slow progress toward being a woman. 

Now just a matter of fact acknowledgement that she's married to a woman now.  No threats, no hesitance, no regrets.

Compared to many stories I see on here, I guess I'm a lucky girl.

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Re: International Woman's Day
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2019, 08:35:06 pm »
I spent the day buisily at work and commented to a few of my female workmates that a have a lot of time for my collegues that happen to be women.

 Funnily some commented " are you a feminist ? " I replied , "are you" . The answers mostly came back negative - "dont really consider myself feminist.

 It seems many working women dont buy into the feminist mantra even though they are breadwinners in their own right and independent in means & in opinion

 One female friend of mine remarked on womens day, " I dont care who it is - man or woman - I just dont have much tolerance for dickheads & <nonsense>"

 I think it sums up the bulk of the work team - they are pragmatists doing an often high stress, high responsibility job.

 More than a handful of people at work know I am trans and it doesnt seem to matter how androdgynous or feminine I come accross as long as the team can see Im serious about my job and dont <nonsense> anyone.

 In the end we want to see women & men alike succeed but the leftist rhetoric applied to feminism can be unpalatable for many.

 With best womens day wishes, Kirsten.

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As a child prayed to be a girl- now the prayer is being answered - 40 years later !