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Hi everyone, has any one visited the above clinic here in Brisbane, Herston regarding voice feminising?

I would be most interested to hear what one can expect and any other experiences they had?

Warm Regards

Miss Kitty:
Hi Michelle,

I had free voice coaching at the royal Brisbane hospital as part of my treatment at the gender clinic (which comes under the social services department). I am guessing that that is the same mob based on the location that comes up on their website.
If so, they have changed my life completely, I think I had 5 sessions with them and I have not once been misgendered when talking to strangers over the phone and friends and family literally cannot believe the difference. I used to have an extremely deep manly voice (literally like Barry White) but now sound very girly.
With a GP referral they should be free

Hi Miss Kitty,

Thank you so much for your feedback. I hade been given information (RBH) by my Psychologist and had passed on the relevant forms for some reason things got a bit too hard (turn around time was going to take some time).

So I investigated and discovered the Brisbane Speech and Hearing clinic and the therapist Kerri-ann Thornber if I went privately and claimed via a medicare rebate (EPC) I could get over half of the fee back each visit up to 6 visits.

Is this the same department, Kerri speacialises in Transgender speech therapy so I thought she may be a good bet?

Lovely to hear from you.

Miss Kitty:
yes I am sure Kerri is the lady I dealt with (she had a partner too but I cant remember her name). I got to see them for free after months of seeing councilors, psychologist and finally my endocrinologist then after my hormones were officially prescribed did I get the sessions off of her but that did mean months of effort to see her.

She is very understanding and has a great sense of humor, she is very trans friendly I am sure you wont have an issue. I think 6 sessions will be more than enough, at my last session we mostly just joked around as she was sure my training was complete. I'm not trying to talk myself up or boast, but rather give praise to Kerri, but I literally sound like I've had vocal surgery just from what she taught me.

I hope it goes well for you  ;)

I hope so, my voice just lets me down and I am used to being so social but now when I go out i'm like a little lamb and whisper, affraid that the fog horn will go off!  ;D


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