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Miss Kitty:
I didnt use the app I just sort of gauged how well I was doing by getting peoples reactions. 5 minutes of practice first thing in the morning then 5 minutes practice in the evening is supposed to be a healthy amount but I was way too eager to get rid of my old voice and would do an hour straight then end up sounding like I had been to a metallica concert.

Just keep up the practicing, you will "find" your true female voice eventually and it will become a natural part of you. I haven't seen Kerri in almost 6 months and I still get told that my voice is getting higher pitched and girlish sounding all the time so I think eventually just talking in normal conversations counts as the practice session.

If you feel let down, record yourself then listen to how you sound now. I constantly go back and watch home movies of myself just before I came out as trans and laugh at how silly I look and sound, it's really motivational and you can track your progress that way.

A big hello Miss Kitty,

Five sessions all finished, I may go back and have a polish up now and again but very pleased with the outcome. Kerri is so good, not that I have had much experience in this field but she really helped. Mid way I was finding that my elevation was too high and having a detrimental effect on the treat and we have found a more practical vocal range that both sounds feminine and soft.

LOL on the phone now I am mistaken for a female and it’s quite refreshing even before I mention who I am.

Happy days x

Miss Kitty:
hello again Michelle, I am sorry I only just realized that you replied to this thread. I am so glad your sessions went well, Kerri is really a miracle worker. I hope other people can see this and are motivated to take up speech therapy instead of being distressed over having a manly voice. I am glad you are moving forward to a better place, I am so relieved I didn't have to spend more money on surgery and have my vocal chords altered!

keep up the good work :P


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