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How did you go on your blockers, I will be on mine coming up this Friday for three weeks (Spiro) but I have found them to have really knocked me about...?

Miss Kitty:
oh I have that problem still, even though I know I can do the voice every time (it's actually impossible to do my old voice any more, no matter how hard I try I sound like a woman impersonating a man, which is true lol). But I still have a strange habit of whispering when I get nervous. I think it's some thing that will pass once you build up confidence, I really only do it now when I'm talking to some one intimidating.

Raising your voice will not change you back into 'boy mode' either, when screaming in pain or if I'm having a big tantrum and yelling as loud as I can, I sound like an angry woman. The only thing I find very odd, if I vomit I sound like an angry viking man running into battle. I have no idea why and can't help it. The only plus side is I don't do a lot of vomiting in public (not since I stopped drinking lol).

Spiro was horrible and I had my endocrinologist take me off of them. I was having to pee so often it was badly affecting my quality of life, I would wake up 6 times a night to go to the bathroom and maybe get 45 minutes of sleep. On the subject of voices, the diuretic effects of Spiro left me so dehydrated my voice was constantly 'raspy' sounding, like I had been walking through a desert for days. Even after drinking Gatorade and coconut water non stop I was still dehydrated.

I have been put on Androcur instead and have literally had zero side effects (other than all the good ones, like less hair growth etc).

Wow that is interesting, I am seeing my Hormone GP tomorrow so I will have a chat with her.

Had my first meet with Kerri today, we spoke about the effects of the diuretic.
After your first day how did your throat feel. I'm certainly not horse but my throat muscles feel as if they have had a work out.

Miss Kitty:
so glad you got to meet her, congrats on your first session! Don't stress about the strain, it took a while but I felt that I was putting way too much strain on my vocal chords, like I would damage them, if that happens take a big break. If you try and rush your new voice it will come off as forced. Think of it like going to the gym, if you rush into it you will injure your muscles but with baby steps you will get to where you want to be.

I never feel any strain any more but I think that is also technique too, eventually the majority of the words you project will only be done with the muscles at the front and top of the mouth and not the back of the throat any way.

Not an easy thing to do, I have had to drop back as I was getting hoarse and straining my voice too much, wrong technique I am sure.

My friends tell me I look like a horse (nice friends) when I am trying to use my front mouth muscles to project  ;D

Did you have any problems in finding the app  Kerri uses for pitch, AVAF i think it was called? The only app I can find is Voice Pitch Analyzer.

hugs M


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