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--- Quote from: Maid Marion on March 10, 2019, 09:04:32 pm ---I used to do a lot of hiking.  One of my most memorable hikes was the Grand Canyon.  A couple miles down an extremely steep trail, seeing a thunderstorm in the distance, and grueling back up the trail to beat the weather.  Which I did.  Then I ate every bit of a large steak dinner the next day!  The hike also gave my shoes a very distinctive pink color.

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I've done the rim to river hike a few times on the Bright Angel trail, it's an amazing place to experience.  Camping down by the river is really peaceful.

As for treadmills, it's just a hamster wheel for humans. 

Tessa James:
Hiking is the #1 way for most folks to get out and exercise while living in a a walkable community is a huge benefit to overall public health and our quality of life.

I have been working with Trails and Hiking groups for decades and our trails may be the best legacy yet.

It just feels so good to Take a Hike!

Go Tony!

Now I may have gone and done something stupid. But stupid things are the ones you remember. Haha

I booked a room in a camp outside Kiruna. Waaaaay up north.

I also booked a guided hike to our largest mountain, Kebenekaise.

I invited my son. He said
”You say we will travel by train for 16 hours. Then we walk 15 km to see a mountain? Then we go home with the train...for 16 hours?”


”I’m on!”

Next summer we will do a real hike in the northern Sweden. Bringing tent and stuff with us. He wants to do a real hike without guide. With just a map and compass. Us and the nature. So that’s what we will do.

Stupid things can lead to good things.


Here’s a map. 900 km away is Kiruna.

That's excellent Tony

Here at 47N the season is just beginning. I so look forward to summer !!

C -

Camelback backpacks are the way to go, they also hold a thermos bladder to keep to hydrated ;D

--- Quote from: MeTony on March 10, 2019, 03:05:29 pm ---Been hiking this weekend. I love it. Being in the woods. Close to nature and its elements.

I decded to buy myself a new backpack after this hike. My backpack is not as comfortable as I would like it to be. But it did not cost much. You get what you pay for.

Anyway. Hiking in the woods is a perfect exercise. I will def do this more often.

The hike was 15 km long. I lose calories fast as... Flash Gordon

The only downside is I can’t hide my chest...but it will be gone soon anyway.


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