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Curvy Pads or better

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Hi All,

I have been a user of medium size curvy pads for about 5 years but my 2nd pair are nearly worn out

I have recently started my hormones but any increase to the hips I believe is a long way off if at all

bottom line is they are a lot more expensive than they were before and I wondered if anyone used any other self adhesive silicone hips




I make my own hip and butt pads using dense foam rubber.  I shape the foam using an electric knife (the easiest way to cut foam).  I like to make my own pads because then I am in control of the shape and the amount of curve I want.  I made several sets before I got the shape and size I wanted, and they look good quite good worn under a firm panty or spanx.



Lol Sally,
I am kind of alergic to foam, you mentioning cutting it up sends shivers down my spine and makes my eyes water
 But other than that a good plan

Haley Conner:
You can try sewing together layers of fleece material of diminishing size.  The result will be as good as your planning.

Hi ya'll
I've seen the difference the pads can make and it is a lovely look.
However I have to agree with the sticker shock for those and other similar enhancement products.
Anyways, perhaps one day I'll take the plunge and treat myself  :  )


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