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Do you think of yourself as intersexed?

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When I first saw my PA-c in 2013 for HRT I told him I believe I am I am intersexed due to my genitals and different body ratios such as leg to torso, index finger length, arm curvature, finger tip to finger tip length to height ratios. He was treating me for being trans and starting my HRT.

I had asked if he would refer me for genetic testing. He said it is not covered by insurance and it is expensive. Further, he said, what does it matter? He said so if you are how will it change things?

I did not say anything to him back but it made a huge difference. It would help me explain why I am trans. I felt very embarrassed being trans. I had a lot of negative feedback growing up.

I eventually showed the mental and psychological profile of a person that is intersexed to my then wife. She said it matched me exactly. I agree.

When Dr. McGinn examined me she  said I am intersexed and that she thought she could correct my genitalia but it was a 50/50 chance the graft would die. If that was the case she would use and alternate method.

I had no material to make labia minora and my entire glandes penis is now my clitoris and it is the perfect size. I had two procedures for clitoplasty. One was under general anesthesia and one with a local.

I have an operation in April for my vagina and surrounding area which is my third. I was going through my Aetna insurance paperwork and throwing some older approvals away. I came across my GCS surgery Aetna paperwork for the 11/15/16 surgery what they state is code 55970 intersexed surgery MTF.

My question
How do you see yourself?

I see myself as female and not intersexed. I never saw myself as intersexed. I considered myself as trans and later as transsexual but never as intersexed.  I was between spinning classes today and used the bathroom. There is a woman's and men's locker room with bathrooms in them. It is binary. So am I transsexual, intersexed or a woman? I see myself as a woman more than transsexual now.

I never considered myself intersexed as a sexuality. It is more an explanation as to why I see things mentally and psychologically the way I do. More so it explains my genitals or lack there of and body dimensions.  My legs are so long (very evident in spin class, I like long lean legs :) ) . How do you see yourself? I see myself as binary and I feel female.

To answer my PA-c I guess it really matters a lot. It is how I explain why I am and how I am. But then we are all unique.  It does not change anything but it explains so much that people that are not intersexed do not ever think about. But then again as time goes by and I continue to align and like who I am the differences really become less important. Although the leg thing is really good :) . 

Yes, I guess...

At least my doctor seemed to think so when my first ever hormone tests came in. I don't think I'll feel convinced, though, unless I also see chromosome test results that also show something similarly significant.

In any case, to me intersex, while helpful and alluring, is first and foremost merely a diagnosis. I believe that the society I live in feels the same. After all, e.g. diabetics are seen as either male or female—and so will I always be, regardless of what my hormone levels / chromosomes may say.

No.  But I used to think that I was genderfluid and before that, simply mixed up!   :)


I didn't at first but I always wondered why I had such a wide pelvis. Then one day my doctor I was seeing, was checking my abdominal CT for possible kidney stones, He took one look and said they must have mixed up the scans. It is a woman's pelvis. This was before I had finally come out to my wife about my inner feelings. I grew up trying to hide my pelvis because I was ashamed to look even a bit girly. It seemed like a dead give away of the inner self I tried to hide.

Since then I asked that docotr about DES exposure. He was pretty sure it was unlikely. He did get me a karyotype that showed 46XY. Then he said I am most likely Androgen Insensative to some degree after we discussed my slight genetal deformations.

I had a urologist who did my orchi agree that partial androgen insensitivity was very likely. That gene sequence test is very expensive and my docotr said there is no medically necesary reason to get it covered by insurance so he didnt order it. Truns out the only treatment for AIS is hormonal therapy based on the patient's gender identity.

Whatever my particular mutation to the AR gene is, it seemed to affect my early bone and joint shape formation and to a smaller extent my genitals. Other docots have told me that the shape of certain bones is affected ear;y prenatally. In particular the sacroiliac joint shape in the pelvis. This sets the sacral tilt relative to the ilium. Also the joint profile pivot angles in the knees and elbows.
What I have learned from CT scans is that my bones fit closer to female than male using standard anthropologic skeletal sexing measurements. While I have some masculine traits after 40 years of testosterone exposure, they are minor to medium on the scales or in some ways non existant.

I do not understand, what my Klinefelter Syndrom (I am tested XXY, and some more stuff) or such has anything to do with a bathroom or dressing room?

I was born with a variety of intersex syndroms, I am not intersexed (funny term anyway).  This is a physical/biological condition of my body.  I am also transgender, because I was AMAB and transitioned into a woman.  This is a mental condition, my femle oriented brain and my male oriented body did not match!  I go to the bathroom that meets the gender I present with.  My body will always remain to have intersex syndromes, no matter whether I present as male or female.  Any gender affirming surgery changes only the exterior sex characteristics, but will never do anything about the biological makeup of my body!

I consider myself to be born with intersex syndromes, and being a transgender woman, one does not exclude the other!


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