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Do you think of yourself as intersexed?

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I had my kerio type taken probably back in 2015. My Y looked almost like an X. In females they have two X ; however, one X is silenced. If it is partially silenced than there are immune system issues.

I then had my entire genome sequenced and compared to 20,000 genetic studies. I am mosaic and I have a lot of gene polymorphisms on 5 alpha reductase and dehydrogenase.  These enzymes are responsible for converting  T and E to alternate forms and back again.

When Dr. McGinn examined me she said, "you know you are intersexed". After GCS she said my anatomy is very different. I do know I could empty my balder fully for the first time in my life.  It was much worse but I had an operation at age 12 that helped.

I am in a relationship with a nonbinary woman. She chose to be female and acts female around males and male around me. I am very female, it is just me. I thought I was heterosexual. Now I guess I am bisexual. My girlfriend and I go to parties and we will be with lots of guys and with each other. I love being with her and she me. I do not know what sexuality I am but this relationship feels right.

I and my girlfriend are Poly. It took me a lifetime to realize I am poly and bisexual and should be with someone that is like me. It works very well. I love being with her.

I am trans, my girlfriend is trans. She is 5'4" and very beautiful. She is very much male with me.

So what does this have to do with being intersexed. Well, I was wondering it this common or the exception with intersexed persons?  I see myself as female 100%. I feel 100% female. I am with a nonbinary trans female that says she is not trans. We are post op. She considers me as her girlfriend and I consider her my girlfriend. We love each other and it feels right. Do other intersexed persons eventually find the right fit relationship with others that are poly, bisexual trans people? 

I do know she is extremely bright as well as our girlfriend Melissia.

I am who I am and I was wondering if my relationship choices are similar to others that are intersexed?

Very interesting Rachel, you both can learn from each other at so many different levels and areas in your lives.


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