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Do you think of yourself as intersexed?

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Itersex is a medical diagnosis. It is either yes or no.

Lady Sarah:
I may have XY chromosomes, but there are things that indicate an intersexed condition. The most important is that just prior to my orchiectomy, the surgeon was looking at my xrays, and told me my pelvic bone is typical for a female, and if there was anything he should know. I have also had 2 other doctors that told me I was made for birthing children.

Puberty started at age 17 for me. At age 25 (when I started HRT) i was still not sexually mature. Pelvic rotation took place. Within a week of HRT, people noticed enough changes to know I was changing from male to female.

Do I consider myself intersexed? Yeah, but it doesn't change anything.

We are all different and I do not believe that XY defines our gender or sexuality. Intersex is a very specific diagnosis and requires a medical diagnosis.

I doubt that it really matters myself.


--- Quote from: GingerVicki on April 16, 2019, 01:12:18 am ---We are all different and I do not believe that XY defines our gender or sexuality. Intersex is a very specific diagnosis and requires a medical diagnosis.

I doubt that it really matters myself.

--- End quote ---
It does only if, like in my case, one never developed any secondary male sex characteristics, and thus has it way easier (from the appearance of ones body) to change into a female.  I did not have to bother with all the stuff, others have to deal with in order to eliminate all those secondary things.  I had never any body hair, I did not need to remove it.  I have no Adams Apple, I don't need surgery to shave it.
But the mental part of the  transition does not change at all.  I was socialized as a male, and have to change all this learned behavior to be a female.

But I still don't understand why being a person with intersex syndromes cannot be a trans person at the same time?

Undead Cat:
Intersex and Trans are words to be used as qualities or adjectives, saying stuff like "the Transgender" or "the intersex" is quite inadequate .

There's men who are Trans,  men who are intersex and men who are intersex but also Trans, same applies for women, trans women, intersex women, trans and intersex women.

Trans and intersex are considered 2 different things in a lot of places (however some places consider being trans as an intersex syndrome called "the Henry Benjamin syndrome")

There's cis guys who are intersex and cis girls who are intersex too.

many people describe being trans as not identifying with the gender identity you were recognized as at your birth, so even if you were recognized as intersex boy at your birth, you could grow up to be a cis intersex boy or a trans intersex girl , doesn't really matter. What's sad that some intersex babies with ambiguous genitalias at birth are still mutilated in order to be recognized as any binary gender identity at birth In majority of these cases, but still it also happens to babies with penises to get mutilated with circumcisions but nobody talks about how disturbing this really is.

some countries recognize intersex as being a "third sex" or considered another gender identity , as for a sex,  it's wrong to recognize intersex as another biological sex, it's just an quality of some males and some females , even biology doesn't recognize only 2 human sexes,  actually biology recognizes 2 genetic sex GROUPS,  males and females, there's lots of different ways to be considered genetically a male or a female and here's where being intersex comes into, there's not a single way of being a male or a female, there's really lots of genetical variants of males and females and intersex variants enter this.

and even for biology sex isnt easy to determine either , there's genetic sex we already talked , and also anatomical sex and physiological sex,  so there's a lot of stuff to vary among people far from the "ideals" of male and female that societies and cultures believe in.

Some people consider being a intersex cis guy, trans guy, whatever as being part of their gender expression that encompasses what people's bodies looks like.

Now for gender identity, there's nothing stopping anyone to call their gender identity as "intersex" and as part the non-binary gender identities umbrella, heck, inside that umbrella there's even people who are "waffle-gender", so nothing stops you.


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