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Too little fabric for first pattern


My very slow start at sewing has run into trouble. In case it would help anyone else, I watched videos on how to interpret sewing patterns and got a person at the crafts store (JoAnn) to help me interpret the pattern instructions and pick out fabric, but I immediately hit a problem.

The pattern says it needs 1 and 3/4 yards of fabric for the size, but it doesn't say that the 2 largest pieces are supposed to be cut around a fold along the center of the fabric. so, there is no way that that is enough fabric, unless i am missing something. I am guessing that the total area of the fabric would be enough, if you didn't need to consider the grain and if there wasn't the folding requirement.

Is this typical?

Typically the amount of fabric required will be printed on the pattern envelope and will provide differing lengths depending upon the width.  So this does need to be considered. 

Otherwise you could arrange the patterns on the material so they all fit.  The pattern (design) on the cloth (if there is one) may not line up but for a first project, no harm.  As to the edge that needs to be along the fold, cut that edge a half inch wider and sew a seam there.  That will get you moving.  You could so the same for the second piece even though you can place it on the folded seam.   Good luck!!

Today I bought twice the length of fabric and I think what happened before is that I was given less fabric than 2 yards and that's why there was too little fabric...

Also, I noticed today there is a diagram showing a piece of fabric folded in half with most of the pieces fit together on it like puzzle pieces. If I had realized what I was looking at, I would have been less confused.

There are many things I'm confused about still. Really, this pattern is too hard for me.

What does "even with" mean in this sentence: "In some layouts, the selvages will be even with a fold on one side and the selvage edges on the other".

The selvages are the "factory" edges that prevent the material from unraveling.  So the pattern will have some pieces of pattern facing the folded edge of material and some not. 

If you look at the pattern pieces there will be some straight sides the need to be aligned to the folded edge.   Can I assume you're making a pair of pants?


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