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Hi and Grüezi  :)

Are here, in Susans‘s Place, other Swiss Trans Women/Men/People around?

Best wishes

Hiya!!! I'm half Swiss from the French side of Switzerland.
From Perroy! :)


BFF in High School had a Swiss-born mom cooking Italian food for her 3 boys . . .

I used to BEG them to ADOPT me ate there all the time! ;) Always had "bread & wine" lordy she even cooked for the dog named "Tanya". Weird her and I used to go grocery shopping together suspect even back then I wanted to be her daughter (and learn to yummy cook like her?)

Thank you Rachel_Christina, it is nice to meet other Swiss people here.
I am in the German speaking part but I love the French part much more. That is also why hubby and I lives so close to Frenchborder, just 15 Minis a way. :)
Do you speak German Italien too?

Thanks for sharing it Cloe, where do you lives?


--- Quote from: Margrit on March 21, 2019, 01:35:26 pm ---Thanks for sharing it Cloe, where do you live?
--- End quote ---

        As a kid closest I've been to Switzerland is skiing in Innsbrook Austria with family from Greenwich Connecticut (not England) but currently am a "damned Yankee", slumming it in
SouthWest Altlanta Georgia burbs!


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