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I find that escaping into a world of my own creation, where I can control the entire universe, really helps with GD. It's a place where my problems don't exist and I can just be me. I turn to writing whenever something really upsetting happens. For instance, my grandfather passed away recently. I've found myself writing more nowadays. I enter the world and I can take command of the greatest armies of the world or I can go on a heroic quest or I can do anything else (I mostly write fantasy). Does anyone else do the same?

Paul Muad-Dib:
It's become less of an escape while it's been the subject of the uni course I'm doing, and my tutor does not seem to think much of my writing half the time, but yeah, writing does help. It'd help even more if I could make some money off it, but that's my trouble, 10 years self-employed and you start thinking about ways to monetize every possible skill. I'd like to just do it for fun but I guess I'm not that way inclined.

Writing is my way to escape from reality. It has a therapeutical effect on me. It's like a valve to reduce negative feelings and stress.


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