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. . . Forced To Run For Prom Queen Even Though He Was Nominated As Prom King


A Transgender Student Said He's Being Forced To Run For Prom Queen Even Though He Was Nominated As Prom King

Dex Frier told BuzzFeed News he felt "suppressed" by his school's insistence that he had to run on the prom queen ballot — or not at all.

Tanya Chen
BuzzFeed News Reporter
Posted on March 21, 2019, at 5:16 p.m. ET

A 17-year-old senior at Johnson High School in Gainesville, Georgia, says he is being forced to run as a candidate for prom queen, despite being nominated by several of his peers for prom king.

Dex Frier, who identifies as male, told BuzzFeed News his school is giving him one of two options ahead of prom on Saturday: Either run on the prom queen ballot, or not at all.

Last Friday, Frier said he was pulled into a meeting with the principal and a school supervisor where they delivered the message.

"They called me there to tell me I couldn't run for prom king ’cause I wasn't legally male and that was the way it was in Hall County [school district]," he said. "The only way I was eligible to run for prom was to be put on the prom queen ballot."

There's a photo on the BuzzFeed story.  DAMN!  Dex is CUTE!  I'd vote for him!

April, I got nominated in HS for the Woman less pageant as Taylor Swift and twice for home coming queen. Funny part, I wasn't even out as female or transgender or anything else for that matter. I was just known as a very over weight miserable SOB with an obsession for rusty railroad locomotives.

I was unwilling at the time to go along with either nomination. Getting out of both was very difficult. I figured out later on who was responsible though for nominating me. We had some harsh words.

Now I regret not getting all done up as Taylor or home coming queen. Hindsight is a ugly word.



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