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Bad habits and Transitioning
« on: March 22, 2019, 03:19:35 am »
Hi All,

I hope everyone is doing well, it is Friday night here in Australia Brisbane and I had my first Electrolysis today (Quite painful but well worth it).

I have been on HRT for 1 month as of 5 Days ago!!! :D

A fair bit has changed considering it has only been 1 month such as face thinning, fingers etc. not much else just yet so Patience is key.

My main problem I have been having is with habits, I knew when I started my transition and HRT that not all my habits, problems etc would disappear but surprisingly I had managed to quit smoking so fast which is a big thing for me as I had smoked since I was 13 and I am now 27, I had managed this within a week of my doctor telling me HRT and smoking don't mix. I had also managed to be a better partner and father to my children and pay more attention to them, I have even managed to cut out Milk from my diet as I have suffered from stomach issues for a while I was never able to deal with Soy milk, but now I do not drink milk at all which has helped loose a few Kilo's considering.

What I am still having issues with is Exercising and drinking, I still like to drink probably a little too much, I have cut out the beer and sugary drinks but still drink scotch like its going out of fashion. (I think I do this due to lack of social interaction which I am working on)

I would just really like to know how to find the motivation to cut back on the alcohol and start exercising I am a big procrastinator and my body isn't very healthy as I never exercise and I have an office job.

I have started doing squats around the house while cooking or getting dressed but My stomach still has a bit of a beer belly/ muffin top I would love to get rid of! haha.

Thank you All! :) <3

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Re: Bad habits and Transitioning
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2019, 05:48:46 am »
I feel the key to exercise is to find something you like to do.  I ride a bike and Rollerblade (not at the same time.)

There are lots of things you can do like wall climbing, dancing, racquetball...

As for the alcohol, cold turkey or slow.  You can start with don't drink alone. Then look at the people you hang out with. Etc

Good luck, it sounds like you are well on your way

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Re: Bad habits and Transitioning
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2019, 06:06:30 am »
I understand how addictive the alcohol can be....I was a boozer for many years...used it to self medicate rather than face the issues I had over gender. In the end the booze soundly beat me. I knew why I drank and had to go cold turkey. After getting out of Adelaide hospital in 2000 I have remained sober. It turns out death tends to be a really good motivator...who knew ::) ::)  :) I would suggest that you quit before you have too!! only you know how serious it is...try and focus on the positive outcomes...quitting alcohol is exceptionally difficult and there is a really good reason for the sayings "in the grip of the grape" or "having a monkey on your back" when talking about heavy drinking.

I found the exercise was far easier to focus on without the alcohol draining your motivation...

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Re: Bad habits and Transitioning
« Reply #3 on: March 22, 2019, 06:49:39 am »
Hi again Shannon,
   Health, fitness, good diet, good healthy weight all improve mood and reduce gender dysphoria symtoms. Everything you are doing is positive and on the right track.

 For us trans people alcohol is a tricky trap because it actually works as a medication to reduce our existential angst in the short term. I too love good scotch( beats burbon anyway). The trouble is while we self medicate night after night the depression actually deepens. Very good for the evening- very bad for the rest of our lives. I know you are well aware of the 2 edge sword of a good drink.

 Only you know the best way to get on top of drinking before it gets on top of you.

 I personally went cold turkey for 12 months, at the same time improved health and fitness & weight. I felt good but the alcohol had to be replaced with something and that was having a non alcoholic beers straight after work and taking the kids & dogs to the beach.
 Alcohol is still a trap for me and if I have beer, wine, spirits in the fridge I will drink it. I save it for social occasions therefore bare  fridge during the week.

 Always love hearing about your MTF journey as well Shannon, please keep in touch.

 Kindest regards, Kirsten.

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Re: Bad habits and Transitioning
« Reply #4 on: March 22, 2019, 08:08:55 am »
Congrats on quitting smoking !

I was slowly killing myself with drinking before I began transition, it's a terrible trap to fall in (agree with Kirsten above). It's numbs the pain for a few hours, but what an empty existence, you wake up and dysphoria is actually worse, repeating cycle.

HRT and Alcohol don't mix well, my ability to metabolize diminished greatly after starting HRT. I became such a lightweight, that now I just don't (not never), just don't very often at all....

Transition for me was more than gender/sex change, it was part of an overall wellness program, I took a holistic approach. 

Think holistic, you are healing yourself..


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