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Sad State of UK GIC just go private!!!!

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Hi All,

I am based in the UK but have been working in Holland for 14 months

Last September I got my dutch GP in Eindhoven to refer me to Stepworks in Rotterdam after accidentally sending me wrongly to queue 3 months to see an endocrinologist before a psychologist.

Due to that little thing called Brexit and being told that the first appointment would be 5-6 months I also got my English GP to refer me to the Laurels GIC in Exeter

By November I had heard nothing and decided to go private in the UK (no private in Holland as all insured) and as you will see by my Tracker I started my hormones in January.  Approx costs of appointments, first injection etc £1000 plus 6 flights between Holland and Edinburgh and days of work another £1000

Now lets compare that option

The dutch health insurance is 110 euro a month + mandatory 385 excess per year. Last year the Endo pretty much burnt through the excess plus lets say 6 months payments(yes i am covered for other illnesses etc), another 4 this year already and obviously if i do get an appointment with Stepworks that will come out of this years excess so sofar you are looking at 1700 euro to just get appointment and I wouldn't have been on hormones yet.

Now on to the NHS GIC so far no costs because of course the NHS is free (apart from the taxes) and this week 6 months after my GP referred me I have got letter.
"We are writing to you to acknowledge that we have received a referral to our service from your GP.
We also acknowledge that we currently have significant waiting times and we apologise for this. This
is as a result of significant increase in referrals and we, along with the other Specialist Gender Identity
Clinics, are working with NHS England in order to improve efficiencies, In the meantime there will
unfortunately be a delay until your first appointment of approximately 31 months) and a further delay
until your assessment can be completed and to have an agreed treatment" FFS

I know £2000 is a lot of money but 37 months is a bloody long time to get a first appointment, I worked out if I cancel my Sky TV subscription for 3 years I will have covered the money I spent (gives me more time for forums) 

31 months!!!!


that is.. honestly quite shocking.

I mean i'd heard wait times were long but more like 6-12 month long, not 31!

That's just obscene.

Do you mind me asking how much it cost to go private without flights? I get the feeling it's gonna be pretty unpalletable.

And I thought our system was screwed up.

On the serious side though, I've been hearing more from friends in the UK that the system is completely overwhelmed.



--- Quote from: F_P_M on April 06, 2019, 05:22:42 pm ---

Do you mind me asking how much it cost to go private without flights? I get the feeling it's gonna be pretty unpalletable.

--- End quote ---
Hi ya
1st appointment initial assessment  1hr £250
2nd appointment with 2nd psychologist 1hr £250 UK requirement 2nd  opinions
3rd appointment discuss medication and expectations get blocker  injection   1hr £250
Cost of injection on private prescription £180 hormone patches £21 both 3 months
Every 3 months £125 30mins (possible skype) to discuss blood tests, progress and confirm dosage
Repeat cost of private prescription unless can organised shared care with you local to
 Approximately 3 months start to finish with Christmas in the way
Hope this helps


I think the US system is completely screwed up, but honestly, the state of affairs with the GICs in the UK healthcare system gives me pause about going to completely publicly-funded, publicly-operated healthcare systems. There has to be an effective and cost-effective middle ground.


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