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Need some advice real quick


I'm going to an event all day tomorrow where I'll have to wear a name tag with my birth name on it, and I'll have to talk with a lot of people (some of which I know/am out to, most of which I've never met before). I'm probably going to try and cover up the name tag with my jacket, but if someone asks my name, what do I do?? I don't pass all the time (it's about 50/50), and especially if they see my name tag, they'll know I'm trans and I don't want to make things awkward and/or uncomfortable. And I just don't like talking about trans things irl or strangers knowing I'm trans. I don't know, maybe I'm just stressing about nothing, but any advice or just simply some comfort would be appreciated. I'm really nervous.

don't know enough of the situation to comment , but good luck and relax and have fun

First of all the serious way to handle it. If asked your name just say you like to be called _____. People are sensitive to other people's emotions and as long as your calm and don't show nerves, they aren't going to react. Have fun and don't think about this and you will be fine.

If your a bit of a joker, go to youtube and request "a boy named sue" by Johnny Cash. Most any adult will know of the reference and a line like that can change the direction of the conversation without outing yourself.


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