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Jenner withdraws support for Trump

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Haley Conner:
This is from 2018, so probably old news: " Caitlyn Jenner said in a column in The Washington Post that she no longer supported President Trump. The blunt rebuke came after news broke that the Trump administration was considering narrowly defining gender as a biological condition determined by a person’s genitalia at birth. "

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I'd say I'm in the same boat as Caitlyn, I voted Republican across the board, but I'm not impressed with the about-face he's done on LGBTIQ+ issues. Obviously some of it is just bluster to get votes from our wonderful friends, Southern Baptists.  The second biggest problem is career politicians in the House and Senate. Presidents are short term blips on the radar.

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Lady Sarah:
I thought she would have rebuked Trump within year one of his presidency. The attacks on us have been horrific, and will likely continue to be horrific until we get a new president and vice president.


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