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Just made my doctor appointment, eep


So I finally got the balls to give my gp a call and arrange that preliminary "hi, I think I have gender dysphoria" appointment.

Unfortunately my usual doctor who knows my history and all that is going on holiday for 2 weeks, so the appointment isn't till the 30th.
That might be a good thing though, it gives me a chance to get my thoughts in order right?

I could have seen one of the other doctors sooner but honestly I think that's a bad idea. there's 4 doctors at the surgery. 2 women, 2 men. The men are both old fashioned, especially the main one who's not just old school but also really dismissive of anything he "doesn't agree with". *eyeroll*
I dislike him immensely and get the feeling he'll just utterly ignore me.
the other guy is nice enough but i'm not really sure I want to discuss dysphoria with a guy I barely know. I dunno but I feel like the only one there who'll really understand is the one who deals with me most often and knows full well what a wreck I am.

Do I need to take anything to this appointment? What do I say? Is it literally just "hi, i'm not sure i'm supposed to be a girl, can you refer me to the GIC?" or what?

I mean i'm REALLY awkward so this is gonna be hard.


As I rarely went to the docs (that's changed!!) I just booked in with the first one I could see , that was fine and he referred me there and then. Have been "poached" by a nice American lady Doc and she has been brill. 


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