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The F in TERF

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Feminism = sexism. And like all isms and bigotry is all about power dynamics.  In this case the aquisition of more of it and the squirreling away of it in established hierarchies such as NOW and the Rad Fems. Transphobic expressions by radical feminists are just manifestations of it.  Otherwise it wouldn't have gathered any momentum, and would have just been "the mean <not allowed> some <not allowed> said."

BTW If you haven't seen it "Contrapoints" did a hilarious roasting of the TERFs on her YT channel.

The typical thing that people mean when they say that feminism is sexism is equivalent to people saying gays shouldn't get special privileges to marry. It ignores the context in which gay's are discriminated against.

Feminism exists in a context, which is the most horrific atrocities have humanity committed against women all day every day as far back as there is history to be recalled.

There is no equivalence to be made between feminism, as countering sexism, and empowering the feminine, and the rape, murder and mutilation of mothers who give birth to humanity and carry it's weight on their backs.

But, I'll agree that any ism that is a doctrine is problematic. Feminism would be a description of what people said and thought in moments where they were feminist.


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