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Hi all,

I'm not sure if I am going to find anyone on here in a similar situation, but here goes

I started transitioning about 3 months ago and all going well

I have also been going to pole dance classes for 6 years, I am a little concerned about lose of muscle and pecks to cleavage changes

At the moment I tuck heavily and still use my fake breasts as tops very strong and nothing falls out but not sure when to go natural

What I was wondering if anyone is ahead of me in this and is there anything useful you can tell me before I get any surprises



I guess from lack of replies I was only practicing pole dancer on the forum

as an update


After about a 8 months I no longer put in the fake breasts the real ones were not really big enough to fit any of my tops but had a habit of distabilising the fakes ones so they fell out a couple of times.
At nearly 3 years I guess I have same issues as the other girls I don't have perfect fitting fantastic tops but what's in there is all mine and if they were to fall out they are firmly attached.

I had an oriechtomy last year which took a few months to recover from and reduced the need to tuck as much and also made some moves easier, This June I had my full surgery and had to again rest 3 months. I now look very flat down below in class some of my pole shorts look better than others the high waist ones tend to have a habit of rolling down think I don't have the flatness between vagina and belly that most of the other girls have (ok its the covid belly). Doing grip moves that involves the groin area are starting to improve but things like jumps and bounces my brain is still not allowing


I didn't initially lose any strength whilst the hormones changed my body and tbh think if it wasn't for covid my body would of stayed at the same levels unfortunately it wasn't to be and post surgery am having to slow get strength back

Again great to know if anyone else does pole dancing classes


I am not a pole dancer, but I do stay physically active even though I am 72 years old. I also have been on hormones for a number of years and my experience is that while a breast may pop out a little with wild physical activity, nothing much else happens. It just flops back into position.  ;)


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